GIGCo, Inc City Business Networks

Our City Business Networks leaders are revolutionizing communities by connecting thousands of business professionals together and forming local business referral networks.  “Today more than 85% of my clients come from referrals.  I enjoy referring people I know to great businesses that offer quality services and in turn I get referrals from those same businesses.  It is like having a sales force of over a thousand other local businesses promoting my businesses to everyone they know!” states Rudy G. Cortez of San Antonio, Texas.

These networks are semi-exclusive and allow for a maximum of 3 professionals per category per zip code (i.e. 3 real estate agents, 3 painters, 3 web designers). With over 400 categories, that’s a network of up to 1,200 professionals eager to exchange referrals with YOU!

Once a member of our network, your information is listed in our consumer directory available to millions of online consumers and emailed to all other business professionals in your area introducing you and your services.  From there, you can access the City Business Network 24/7 real time Referral Center to easily track every referral both sent and received.

Join our network to get connected with GIGCo, Inc. and all of our recommended businesses.  You can refer and even barter with Lawyers, musicians, insurance agents, realtors, mortgage lenders, CPA's, Doctors, builders, contractors, plumbers, restaurants, consultants and many more!  Hurry, first come - first served.  Ask about our Free Exclusivity City Articles promotion, Events Sponsorship packages, Car Give-Away and eMagazine ads.


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Why Join our City Business Networks:

  • Get On The First Page Of Major Search Engines For FREE!
  • Align With Up To 1,200 Other Businesses Promoting YOU.
  • Get Referrals Instantly Emailed Directly To Your Mobile Device Or Email Account.
  • Real Time Tracking Of All Referrals Sent And Received.
  • Massive Consumer  Visibility On our City Business Directory.
  • Semi –Exclusive Listing Means Won’t Get Lost Amongst A Phone Book Full Of Competitors.
  • Exclusive Article placement that Gets you on 1st Page of Google in less then a day - GUARANTEED!
  • Get unlimited Free organic traffic to your webpage for your keyword phrase. 
  • Participate in our GIGCo, Inc. Co-op's, Tie-in's, Rewards and Give-Aways to attract and Reward your valued customers.
  • Emailed Introductions And Easy Networking Tools.

  • Participate in one of our City Business Expos to promote your business.
  • Live Coaching On Who, What, Where, Why And How To Network With Others.